Der 22. September 2006

09/22/06 AFP: 25 Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan:
The fighting erupted in Uruzgan province after a band of rebels attacked a police post in the Chora district, General Mohammad Qasem... A policeman was killed and five wounded in the attack.
09/22/06 dpa: Taliban take over district headquarters in western Afghanistan
The Taliban has seized control of the Gulistan district headquarters in western Farah province of Afghanistan, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) agency reported Friday quoting the district chief.
09/22/06 AFP: Government denies Afghan casualties being played down
The government has denied that the casualty toll among its forces in violence-wracked Afghanistan is being under-reported, as claimed by a senior officer on the ground.
09/22/06 AP: 19 Afghan construction workers killed
Militants ambushed a bus carrying construction workers, killing 19 of them, the Afghan Interior Ministry said Friday.
09/22/06 AFP: Scale of British casualties in Afghanistan under-reported
The scale of British military casualties in Afghanistan is being under-reported, a press report said, citing a report by a senior army officer. Major Jon Swift, currently serving in Afghanistan, made the comments...
09/22/06 Reuters: Body of kidnapped Turkish guard found
a body found in southern Afghanistan was identified as that of a kidnapped Turkish guard. The Taleban said its militants had killed the guard after a Turkish construction company ignored an ultimatum to leave Afghanistan.
09/22/06 Reuters: Pakistani killed in Afghan raid
Gunmen in Afghanistan attacked a convoy of oil tankers importing fuel for foreign forces and a construction company, killing a Pakistani worker, an Afghan government official said on Friday.
09/22/06 hindustan times: Taliban not gaining strength: Afghan Prez
Afghanistan's president has said that the Taliban was not gaining strength in his country and suggested that Pakistan's toleration of militants had helped make Afghanistan unstable.
09/22/06 Reliefweb: Violence in Afghanistan is at its most severe since 2001
The upsurge in violence in Afghanistan over the past few months represents a "watershed" and is the most severe threat to the country's transition to peace since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan warns today
09/22/06 gulf-times: Afghanistan, Pakistan clash over war on terror
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has angrily rejected Afghan charges that he was being soft on the Taliban and said Kabul should be doing more to stamp out the militant threat.

Der 21. September 2006

Questa notte alle 23.05 circa ora locale...durante una normale attivita di pattuglia nel distretto di Chahar Asyab, circa 13 km a sud di Kabu...Nell'incidente è deceduto il Caporal Maggiore Giuseppe Orlando, 28 anni di Palermo.
09/21/06 CanWest: Taliban label hides myriad enemies in Afghanistan
Few Canadian soldiers have looked into the face of the Taliban in quite the same way as Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie over a dinner table...'Taliban, like any large grouping, there's a spectrum,' Leslie explained.
09/21/06 Xinhua: Beheaded body of Turkish engineer found in S Afghanistan
The police found the body of an executed Turkish engineer in Gereshk district in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan on Thursday, a local official said.
09/21/06 BBC: Italian soldier dies in accident
An Italian soldier has been killed when the armoured vehicle in which he was travelling overturned near the Afghan capital, Kabul, a Nato statement said.
09/21/06 Reuters: Tribals help Pakistan arrest 10 Taleban suspects
Tribal elders in Pakistan's troubled North Waziristan region helped security forces arrest 10 suspected Taleban fighters believed to have been returning from Afghanistan, officials said on Thursday.
09/21/06 Xinhua: 4 militants killed, 5 others captured in S Afghanistan
At least four Taliban insurgents have been killed and five others detained in clashes in the southern Zabul province of Afghanistan, a local official told Xinhua on Thursday
09/21/06 AP: U.S. likely to maintain Afghan force
U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan are likely to remain steady, at about 21,000, at least until next February, the top U.S. general for the mission there said Thursday
09/21/06 Reuters: Minister says France cannot help in southern Afghanistan
France will not send troops to help NATO in southern Afghanistan because it has its hands full in Kabul, Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said on Thursday