Vote for the American dream:
Hard labor, the wealth of others and the never ending power of our Homeland!

Again two candidates want to become President and of course seek only to serve the American people. And like their predecessors, they promise to continue the logic of a democratic nation striving for growing wealth in the free market economy and for ever growing military might to ensure the national interest. But aren’t these promises rather serious threats? After more than 200 years, isn’t the content obvious? The service that any country provides is to organize the service of the people for their country. And the service that countries all over the world take their people hostage for is as simple as it is unpleasant: to live, work and die for the interest of the nation.

The first service the states organize is the free market economy. Owners of wealth offer the have-nots jobs – the production of wealth – but only if and as long as they guarantee the growth – the enrichment – of their capital, also known as money. And for this interest, the people are free to take any position or role that the market offers. With one important instruction: to learn that the market means competition, which also means that the standard of living of the employees is a cost burden to the goal of the employers. Therefore good business can only offer competitive jobs; in other words, jobs where the workers constantly need to work harder and for lower pay than those who work for other business owners. The consequences – felt in the bones and pockets – are everyone’s private affairs.

The second service needed and demanded by their national regime is to secure national interests: citizens do not need to ask what their country can do for them; they need to be ready for the service the country wants them for. So besides being cheap labor for success in the competition for the wealth of the world – a service for the American capitalist – people are needed for battling the enemies that there are so many of in other countries. Good patriots are to follow the calling of the nation in the competition for power, with no regard for their own lives or those of others.

So the National Interests our candidates are trying to serve – a competitive economy and the strongest military might – is the best use of their people as cheap labor and brave soldiers. An offer people should refuse. Because voting for these two candidates is not only wrong because of false hope for change you can believe in or not. It is wrong because choosing the government of your liking completes the democratic rule by acknowledging the obligation to serve as people for the nation. That is what’s on the ballot!

So if you are a subject, thus already the human resource of the rule, then do not worry yourself about which candidate lords over you, but judge what they intend and what is planned for you.

The Campaign for President of the United States
Can the citizens of the superpower grant their leader a license to kill? "Yes we can!"